Espresso FUN (ENG)

NEU: Espresso FUN in Prague


What’s up, coffeenerd?

James Hoffmann likes the WDT tool. Lance Hedrick is into shaking. The Kaffeemacher from Basel (CH) vibrate their espresso. And what do you like?


In the ‘Espresso FUN’ coffee course, you will discover and test the latest espresso trends from the coffee scene without having to buy expensive tools and with professional guidance. Included are the AutoComb from Barista Hustle, the Blind Shaker from Weber Workshops, a vibration plate and numerous surprises.


On a Maro Model 1, we understand how different pressure, pre-infusion, temperature and flow profiling affect the shot. And we get even more out of your favorite coffee. Because we adjust the water individually to our specialty coffee.


Let’s make even more from your espresso and take your home barista status to a new level.


The course fee for the ‘Espresso FUN’ coffee course is 3.199 CZK (129 euros) per participant. The course lasts approximately three hours. To book, please send me a short message to  or use the contact form. You will then receive an appointment confirmation and payment request as well as the exact address with directions.



Would you like to give the ‘Espresso FUN’ coffee course as a gift? No problem. I will be happy to send you an individualized voucher in PDF format on request.